Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: ARC REVIEW + GIVEAWAY - Unmarked: Sean's Story (The Chosen Series #4) by Alisa Mullen

Title: Unmarked: Sean's Story
Series: Chosen #4
Author: Alisa Mullen
 Release Date: November 18, 2014


Sean Ford has loved Lizzie O'Malley all of his adult life. Now that he is in his thirties and a successful tattoo artist, he finds himself stuck in life. He should have~ He could have ~ But he didn't. Kicking himself for letting Lizzie slip through his fingers, he has to pretend that life is just peachy. His favorite past time is hiding out in his bedroom.

When Aoife Flanagan arrives in Boston to do an internship with college, she is glad to have escaped the dismal life she has back in Wicklow, Ireland. As a twenty-three year old student and professional, she prefers staying in the corner at parties, hiding from everyone's attention, and sticking to the financial plan that her father outlined for her.

One night... 
One confusing night...
One amazing summer...

Sean and Aoife may have been brought together by fate but to stay together means more than roses and butterflies. They must fight the world for one another. What separates them is one big ocean and one tiny question.

Sink or Swim?

This is Book 4 in The Chosen Series but it can be read as a STANDALONE since it is Sean's story. For Mature Audiences 17+ only, please.

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"Unmarked is by far my favorite of The Chosen Series!" 
- Evocative Book Reviews
"I wish I could give it ten stars!"
- Naughty Girls of Romance


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In this story we get to really know and understand Sean Ford. He was just the best friend of Lizzie in the other books, popping up here and there. I’m honestly on the fence with this book. I liked Sean but at the same time I didn’t.

Sean is very sweet and has a good heart. He was super cute and gentle with Aoife. But I also found him to be weak. I had so many eye roll moments and in my head I’m like ‘buck up pussy’.  On the other hand, I was like ‘Yes, that’s right treat her like the delicate flower that Aoife is’.

Aoife confused me though. One minute she is being this bold brave girl and the next she’s cowering in the corner. Yes, her life back in Ireland and the things she has gone through completely gutted me and so she earned some brownie points for striving through what she is dealing with back home to be the responsible one.

I really wanted to love this story but sadly I just couldn’t really get into it. I couldn’t connect with the characters emotionally and the author uses too much proper grammar that takes away from the overall reading flow of the story, if that makes sense. This book was just not my cup of tea but I would say give it a shot. It definitely had its moments where you’ll find yourself clutching at your chest.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review


About the Author

Alisa Mullen is the author of the Best Selling Saga, The Chosen Series and the Best Selling psychological suspense novel, Plastic Confidence. She grew up in Down East Maine. Mullen has a BA from Texas A&M University and a MS from Our Lady of Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. When she isn’t writing, she she enjoys reading, making necklaces, and spending time with her family. Mullen lives in South Texas with her loving husband and their two children.

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