About Me

Hello, my name is Jennifer Diaz, mother of three beautiful girls. I'm an avid reader who enjoys spreading my love and obsession of reading and reviewing books. I enjoy talking with others that share the same passion of reading! I like talking to people about books that I've currently read or want to read and get all googly eyed and fangirlish talking about my current BBF without them thinking I'm fucking crazy especially when I'm all like 'OMG, I want to marry Gavin Blake.' Well maybe I am but that's besides the point. I'm a sucker for Romance novels of all types. Besides my reading obsession, I may or may not be slightly addicted to shoes and purses. I'm not only a bookaholic but a shopaholic as well. Hey what can I say? Anyhoot, Reading is my hobby, my passion but I also love taking road trips and bowling :)

Why I like to write reviews? I love doing it, it's fun, I enjoy it, I like to show my support for all Authors. I feel that they deserve our feedback so that they know that we've enjoyed their hard work and that we appreciate all the long hours, days and months spent bringing us these beauties that we all love to read! Because each and every Author in their own creative way brings me joy every time I open a book! 


  1. My darling sister I admire your passion and can't wait to read reviews about your books and series.. hint hint you need to get writing. Your passion and creativity will take you on a journey you were meant to take. We are waiting... love you always your sister Christina.

  2. I kind of love you. LOVE the review <3 <3 <3
    MJ Fields

    1. Awww. Thanks!! LOVE your books <3 xo