Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review - Never Far Away (The Never #2) by Anie Michaels


The Never Series continues with this steamy, emotional thriller. 

Ella wakes up to a world turned upside down, recovering both physically and emotionally from attacks she can't remember. Her only memory from the past weeks is a nameless voice that echoes in her mind, causing her heart to ache and her soul to seek "Him".

Living a life without Ella is no life at all and Porter decides to do whatever it takes to remind her of their love. Recognizing Porter without remembering him, Ella reacquaints herself with this gorgeous man, their explosive chemistry, and the possibilities that lie ahead. 

As Ella's memories resurface so do demons of the couple's past, testing their strength and love. Porter is determined to fight for their future together but will Ella? As everything and everyone that Ella loves gets threatened, she must find a way to fight the darkness of yesterday so that she can live in the light of tomorrow.

5 Stars

Wow! This was definitely an emotionally draining and intense read. I completely and utterly fell madly in love with Porter in this book. Ella and Porter are put through the ringer and love is tested in the worst way. But there is no denying that the heart wants, what the heart wants.

I love Anie Michaels writing style. She gets to the depth of the emotions of the characters and it touches your heart. She pulls you in and draws out your emotions for this couple. I laughed and cried right along with them. The suspense, anticipation, chemistry and the very very sexy Porter will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

This book had my heart clenching, thumping, twisting and turning. It held my attention throughout and I just couldn’t put it down. My heart ached for Ella and Porter. But really Porter got to me the most because he’s so madly in love and I felt his pain, his anger, his passion and his love. Anie Michaels did an amazing job on this book.

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About the Author

Anie Michaels started writing her first book in June of 2013 and since has managed to make it a full-time career.  She spends her days in coffee shops imagining the lives of her fictional characters and then goes home to be a mother and wife; her other full-time career.  Anie lives in Portland, Oregon, where some of her books are set, and wouldn't live anywhere else.  When she isn't writing or taking care of her small children she spends her free time with her close friends and family.  She loves beer and wine (a requirement went living in Oregon), and wishes she had more time for television because sometimes it's nice to look at attractive men instead of imagining them all the time.

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