Saturday, December 27, 2014

Review - Nocturnes (Hard Rock Harlots #3) by Kendall Grey

NOCTURNES contains 511 F-bombs, 81 well-endowed male chickens, 65 girl kitties, 58 Richard the Lessers, 10 C-U-Next-Tuesdays, and a plethora of other colorful words and phrases that would deafen your virginal mother’s ears and make her bust out her “Shame on you!” finger. If you’ve been tuned in since the beginning of the Hard Rock Harlots series, you know the drill. The sex is extreme, the language is graphic, and the story is over the top. Prudes and under 18s need not apply. 

WARNING: NOCTURNES addresses serious topics such as alcoholism, prostitution, and cheating. If you’re looking for a barrel of laughs or sunshine and rainbows, this is NOT the book for you. 

Rax Wrathbone is the dirty rock star you love to hate. The filthy fantasy slithering through your bed sheets. The serpent in your lady garden. The snake bite in your panties that keeps you sweating all night. He. Is. Sex. 

And he’s no good. For anyone. 

After a nasty breakup with his best friend and their band’s drummer, Rax is flying solo for the first time in years. Who needs the drama of commitment when the line for your humping booth spans three city blocks? No, groupies and liquor are far finer company than relationships, and they don’t leave bruises after they’ve had their way with you. At least not lasting ones. 

Rax’s new adventures as an alcoholic, guitar-slashing one-man show are going along swimmingly until the only woman who’s ever brought him to his knees shimmies down a pole back into his life. Eve doesn’t abide excessive drinking, she has sex with strangers for a living, and she can’t remember Rax’s name to save her life. 

She’s perfect in every way. 

Now, if he could just get sober long enough to forget his past and convince Eve he’s worthy of her future… 

Holy Mother of…………

What the fuck did I just read?

Pure fucking geniusness (that’s totally not a word but I don’t fucking care), that’s what this book is. That’s what this whole series is. That’s what Kendall Grey’s writing, mind and creativity is. On top of that it is fucking brilliant and addicting.

I knew Rax would be a tough one. He broke my heart. I got all the feels for this guy that you want to hate so bad but just can’t. It was so hard to dislike him. I wasn’t sold on Eve in the beginning. She was just way too conceited for my taste. But fuck if these two don’t grow on you and thaw your heart a little.

I’m so ruined. Kendall Grey has ruined me. Good luck finding another read that will have you turned on, horny as fuck and within the span of minutes you’re either laughing your ass off or crying. Yes, I cried! Don’t judge me. Rax just does things to me. He totally tugged at my heart strings with his spiraling ways. I just wanted to comfort him and let him have his wicked, wicked, kinky fucking way with me so that he wouldn’t hit rock bottom. Cause fuck that hurt my heart when he did.

An absolutely amazing story, series, and set of characters that will no doubt stay with me forever. I don’t think I will ever get enough of these characters. I will forever crave more raunchiness, more kink, more Killer Buzz Float!!! 

Strings (Hard Rock Harlots #1)

Beats (Hard Rock Harlots #2)

Nocturnes (Hard Rock Harlots #3)

Kendall Grey is the self-appointed past, present, and future president of the Authors Behaving Badly Club. A whale warrior and indie freedom fighter, she spends summers in the corner (usually with a dunce cap on her head) and winters hunched at the peak of Mt. Trouble, fiery pens of fury (complete with invisible ink) flying across the pages. She has a big set of cajones, and she's not afraid to use them. In her spare time, Kendall speaks your mind so you don't have to.


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