Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blog Tour + Giveaway: Worth The Fight by Beth Maria

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Title:  Worth The Fight
Author:  Beth Maria
Release Date: January 5, 2015


My whole life changed when I was just seventeen years old.

The night I caught him killing a person and showing no sign of remorse.
He promised me that he would never turn into this person, he would help me get out, then we would move far away to start over. He promised me that he would never hurt me, but he did.

My world shattered. I was plunged into the dark pits of hell with no end in sight. I just had to keep going on, living in the motions...

...until four years later when we are forced to be in each other's lives again.

Can we move forward from our past and leave behind the fact that he deceived me, or will it all be too hard to forgive and forget, especially when secrets are revealed that could threaten to ruin everything?

All I know is that I always have, and I always will love Phoenix James.

A quote from Worth the Fight, within a photo of a young woman depicting the lead character and narrator, Emilia DeCarlo

Early Reviewers Speak Out!

"Well let me tell you something, if you guys are looking for your next BBF, a gorgeous, alpha male that will make you drool while you read the book. Look no further Phoenix James has arrived.Worth the Fight is the book for 2015!!!! I recommend you this book, you will not be disappointed."

"Wow! Beth Maria does it again. I have been following Beth since Alive came out. I was instantly drawn to the realness of her characters. Since her first book, Beth's writing has progressed tremendously. I can't wait to see what Beth has in store for us in the future."

"Beth Maria has delivered one of the Hottest books to read in 2015."


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a photo of a young woman depicting a quote by the lead character, Emilia DeCarlo, in Worth The Fight, a newly released erotic romance novel from author Beth Maria

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About The Author...

1509268_10153614831925481_1813748591_n549f5dcc503b3.jpg Beth Maria is a mother and writer who has written her debut novel Alive, and Freedom, book 2 in The Mended Hearts series. She lives in England, UK with her two year old son. When she isn't doing her motherly duties, you can find her attached to her laptop, reading on her Kindle, or on the odd occasion, watching a film. Her inspirations are Kirsty Moseley, Kelly Elliott, Tijan and Jillian Dodd. Beth Maria loves listening to music that inspires her when writing her next book and scouting the internet for her next muse!

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A photo from the original Rocky movie with Sylvester Stallone, advertising Worth The Fight, a boxing-themed erotic romance novel by author Beth Maria


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