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♪ ♫ ARC Review - Trouble Makers (Trouble #4) by Emme Rollins ♪ ♫

♫  Trouble Makers (Trouble #4) by Emme Rollins ♫ 
♪ ♫  Release Date: January 9th ♫ 

Synopsis ♫ 

When your best friend falls in love with a rock star, you either join her in her fixation, or you spend a lot of nights eating ice cream and watching Netflix by yourself. If you can’t beat them, join them, isn’t that what they say? 

While Bree—my best friend since forever—couldn’t get enough of “Trouble” and their lead singer, Rob Burns, I set my sights a little lower – and to the left. Rob’s immediate left, that is, at least on stage. Tyler Cook was Trouble’s lead guitarist, a tall, glorious, dark blonde, beautiful specimen of a man who could make ovaries explode and panties drop with just one twist of that smirky smile of his. 

Of course, it was all just in good fun, two girls going to Trouble concerts and screaming ourselves hoarse along with the rest of the fans. Bree’s fascination with Rob, and mine with Tyler, was a fun little fantasy, a distraction from our boring everyday lives, mine as a dental hygienist and Bree’s as an elementary school music teacher, until one day the “what-if” game Bree liked to play—and in, “what if we met Trouble some day?” and “What if they asked us to go on tour with them?”—actually happened. 

Actually. Happened. 

One minute we were going to see Trouble in concert, and the next, we were backstage, face-to-face with the real-live, sexy thing. I never expected to meet rock god Tyler Cook. I never expected to end up on a tour bus with sex god Tyler Cook. I certainly never expected to fall in love with the man, that beautiful, broken, wild man, or become so hooked I simply couldn’t give him up—no matter what it cost, or who I hurt, even myself. 

Because sometimes you have to stop asking yourself, “What if?” Sometimes you have to find out what happens next.

♫ Review ♫ 
4.5 Stars

This book was funny, flirtatious and a wild ride with a sexy Rock Star.

I loved the playful banter between Tyler and Katie. There were moments that had me literally laughing out loud. Emme Rollins did such a great job with these two characters. They were so full of life yet you can sense the demons beneath. Katie is fierce, sexy, bold and gives as good as she gets. Tyler, the rock star, is sexy and has this sweet side that he shows Katie. He’s just as funny and has these underlying insecurities, yet he remains a mystery.

The life of following a rock star, a rock star you’ve had a crush on forever… could anything go wrong? Right?  

Things get sad and intense and Emme Rollins does an amazing job pulling you in from start to finish, leaving you wanting so much more. I’m very much looking forward to reading more. This would be a definite must read.

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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About the Author

Emme Rollins a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author of New Adult/Mature Young Adult fiction. She’s been writing since she could hold a crayon and still chews her pen caps to a mangled plastic mess. She did not, however, eat paste as a kid. 

She has two degrees, a bachelor’s and a master’s, one of which she’s still paying for, but neither of which she uses out in the “real world,” because when she isn’t writing, she spends her time growing an organic garden to feed her husband and children (and far too many rabbits and deer!) where they live on twenty gorgeous forested acres in rural Michigan.

She loves tending her beehives (bees are wonderful pollinators and Hello!? Honey!) and keeping up with her daily yoga practice and going for long walks in the woods with her boxer, Rodeo, who loves chasing squirrels almost as much as Emme loves writing!

Emme loves hearing from fans, so feel free to use the contact page on her site to connect with her.

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