Friday, December 5, 2014

RELEASE DAY BLITZ + ARC REVIEW: Body of Law Volume 1 by Amanda Lance

Body of Law, Volume 1 by Amanda Lance

This routine is killing me.

Day in and day out, it’s; the same thing: go to work, bed a whore, get a criminal off on a technicality— pretty standard for one of Chicago’s most established criminal defense attorneys. Yet I’m almost positive that if I don’t find something to get me out of this rut I’ll go as crazy as the murders I defend.

And when Violet Donovan walks in, the smart-mouthed intern who is anything but routine, I’m sure those pouty lips and fuck-me eyes are just what I need to get my cock and love for the law twitching again.

Too bad she also happens to be the daughter of the man who once tried to mentor me.

Too bad she’s completely off limits.

~*~ Review ~*~

This was a quick read that definitely had me intrigued. The characters are very well written and you immediately get a sense of what you'll be dealing with personality wise. 

Violet is smart and determined. Although she has this huge sense of guilt heavily sitting on her shoulders, she doesn't let that deter her. Though she does seem timid she actually surprised me with her boldness. 

Sebastian is a mystery. A very sexy mystery with very sexy naughty thoughts. Although he does come off as a complete asshole but his internal struggle will draw you in. 

It's hard to say where this story will take you. It ends on a WTF cliffhanger and I can't wait to read volume two.

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review

~*~ About Amanda Lance ~*~

A native of New Jersey and lifelong nerd, Amanda Lance recently completed her Master in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison State College after her BA in English Literature and AFA in creative writing. As an avid reader of all genres, some of her favorite authors include Hemingway, Marquis de Sade, Stevenson, Bukowski and Radcliffe.

When she isn’t writing or reading, Amanda can found indulging in film noir or hiking with her other half and their extremely spoiled dog. She is obsessively working on her next book and trying to tame her caffeine addiction.

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