Friday, October 31, 2014


Kirsty Moseley is celebrating the TWO YEAR PUBLIVERSARY of Always You!! It is currently FREE!!

Always You
by Kirsty Moseley
Release Date: October 31, 2012
My Rating: 5 Stars


Riley Tanner has a best friend, the best friend a girl could ask for. He’s supportive, loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind, and thoughtful. He’s also the biggest player in school.

Their relationship has always been easy and affectionate, but after Riley’s month long vacation, things become a little strange. She starts to look at him in ways that go way beyond the ‘friend zone’. Add in her best friend’s rival, and things become a whole lot more complicated.


I absolutely LOVE this story!! I’ve probably read it a thousand times and can re-tell the story word for word. Well, maybe not word for word but close enough. Kirsty Moseley made me an instant fan when I read this book. I loved everything about it.

The characters I absolutely adore! Riley and Clay are best friends and they know each other so well. Or so they thought…

Clay has been harbouring his feeling for Riley for a long time. It took Riley a month long vacation away from her best friend to realize that she just might like him as more than a friend.

Blake comes in the picture and he’s looking for revenge on Clay and sets his eyes on Riley. Thing starts to get a little crazy and Blake just won’t stay away from her. It’s a crazy obsession that goes terribly wrong.

I love love love this story! I love that Clay’s nickname for Riley is ‘Riley Bear’. It’s super cute and he is super sweet. Riley is a tough nut and won’t let anything come between her and Clay.

A great read with some unexpected turns of events. I highly recommend it. I loved it. This is my go-to re-read book. My top favourite book EVER!!! I just instantly fell in love with this book and these characters. I think Kirsty Moseley did an amazing job writing this story and drawing out the emotions. I laughed. I cried. And I fell in love with Riley and Clay!!!

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About the Author

Kirsty Moseley has always been a passionate reader since she was a little girl, devouring books overnight, barely sleeping and paying for it at school the next day. Writing has come similarly to her and once she discovered Wattpad, she finally plucked up the courage to post one of her stories. Seven million reads later, she self-published her debut novel THE BOY WHO SNEAKS IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW, which later became one of 10 Finalists for the 2012 Goodreads' Choice Awards, Best YA Fiction. Shocked and overwhelmed by the response, she published her second novel ALWAYS YOU a few months later.
If she had to sum herself up in one word, it would probably be 'daydreamer' - but unlike most of her school teachers, she doesn't necessarily view that as a bad thing. After all, she read somewhere once that books are like waking dreams....
She lives in Norfolk, England with her husband and son.

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