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Today we are celebrating Lane Hart's book tour!!

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Welcome to our blog Lane Hart!

Author Bio:

Lane Hart was born and raised in North Carolina. She continues to live in the south with her husband, two daughters, and several pets named after Star Wars characters. After working in criminal law for over eight years, Lane often finds herself throwing her legal background into her work without realizing it. Her stories tend to focus on the strange lives and romantic encounters of various paranormal characters.

When Lane's not writing or reading sexy novels, she can be found in the summer on the beaches of the east coast, and in the fall watching football, cheering on the Carolina Panthers. Her current work in progress is Blood Ties, the rare combination of a prequel and sequel to Blood Drive. The story of how Kate's father, Tom Adams, met her mother, Elizabeth, begins nineteen years before Blood Drive and concludes after Blood Drive's Epilogue. Of course Kate and Sam’s story continues in this upcoming novel, while Tom tries to move past his grief and guilt to try and start a life with Joselin.

Lane’s other works include the Wild Series: Wild About You, Wild & Out, and Wild & Free, the three part story about Emily Hunter. Emily thought her life was as normal and boring as it could possibly get. Little did she know that her world was about to be turned upside down. After sharing her own surprising news, Emily has to learn how to cope with her husband Ben’s family secret and the consequences it may have on her future.

Now for the Amazing book!


Every year, the Fourth of July holds its own significance for Sam West. It marks the day, fifty-eight years ago, when a vampire saved his life from imminent death, making him nearly immortal.

So where can you find Sam today? Probably the last place you'd ever think to look for a vampire.

Sam has grown lazy when it comes to his lifestyle and women, but that all changes during a college blood drive, when fate introduces him to the shy, sweet and beautiful Kate. Sam instantly falls head over heels for Kate, and is blown away when he uncovers the dangerous secret that even Kate doesn't know about herself. Her secret is the key to his roommate, Chris's, unfortunate dilemma, however Sam could never have predicted the explosive chemistry that erupts between Kate and Chris.

Kate is a freshman living on her own at Madison University. After a life of confinement and loneliness, raised only by her father, she's ready for some excitement, including dating for the first time in her life. She's always known that her overprotective father's job was with the intense federal agency that eliminates supernatural "abominations" hiding within society. Excited about the prospect of her first date, Kate has no idea that Sam is one of those "abominations", or that she is about to find out that she is one as well. Uncovering her secret has Kate wondering who her mother was, and if her father knows her secret. If not, what will he do when he finds out?

As if that wasn't enough to worry about, just when Kate and Sam's relationship starts heating up, Sam's roommate, Chris, sets his sights on Kate. Chris is certain that Kate and he are meant to be together, and he becomes determined to do whatever it takes to make her his.

After Sam makes his own less than stellar decisions, he will have to decide if Kate's mistakes can be forgiven, and if he's willing to sacrifice himself to save her. 


I want to say that this was a cute story, but with all the sexual shenanigans going on, I don't really think 'cute' is the appropriate word to use. But let's go with it anyway because it really was cute, sexy, hott and entertaining. 

Sam West is a vampire hiding out in plain sight. He works at a blood bank so that he can have access to blood instead of having to bite someone. He feels disgusted with himself because of the things he's had to do over the years to get his blood fix. For the past few years, Sam, has stayed away from relationships and dating.

Sam’s roommate, Chris, is a talking cat. Well, he’s a man, a warlock, but turned himself into a cat years ago to try to hide from the D.R.A., which hunt and kill super naturals, but never did the reverse spell before turning himself.

The banter between Sam and Chris are hilarious in the beginning. Chris is a real jerk and for some reason Sam still keeps him around and takes care of him and has been since he turned himself into a cat. Chris is eager to become a man again but he needs a witch to do the reversal spell.

Kate Adams was a very sheltered girl. Her father never let her leave the house, have any friends or date. When he finally let her go off to college and get her own apartment she was finally free to experience life. But yet she stayed to herself, didn’t have any friends and still has never dated. She attends school and goes back home. This is her daily boring routine.
When Kate decides to donate blood at the blood mobile that will be at Madison University, she wasn’t prepared for her life to change so suddenly.

I wasn’t sure how this story was going to play out, it wasn’t one of those stories where it was predictable and I liked that about it. These characters are some nympho super naturals who fuck like rabbits. Kate and Sam’s relationship develops very quickly and little shy and inexperienced Kate is a little freak. They both make mistakes along the way that put a strain on their relationship and they need to decide if they can forgive each other and move on.

Just when Kate and Sam think that everything is going good, things take a turn for the worse. Chris, with the help of Kate, has turned back into a man and is convinced that Kate belongs to him and he deceives and betrays Sam and Kate to get what he wants, and that’s Kate. So what do you do when you know have to make a choice run or save the person you love?

Everything was just unexpected and it made me want to keep reading to find out what happens. Sam and Kate are so good together and I really didn’t want this story to end. It was just super cute and a little weird at times but made it very entertaining. Especially the amount of sex that these two have, it was like non-stop.

I really liked this story. It was very entertaining and great sex scenes. ;) The characters were very well develop and it was a really good story line and easy to follow.


The way his eyes roamed down my body, I was pretty sure he was checking me out. With that little bit of confidence it was now or never if I wanted to see or talk to him again. The chance of rejection was worth risking because I was so tired of being lonely, and he was so gorgeous.

“Could I maybe call you if I have any more questions?” I asked hesitantly.

His mouth dropped open. “Hell yes. I mean yeah, sure. Please call me,” he stuttered in what seemed like maybe surprise, making me sigh in relief.

I pulled my phone from my pocket to quickly put his name in my contacts before he changed his mind. All I knew was that his first name was Sam.

“Um, what’s your last name?” I asked embarrassed.

“West, it’s Sam West,” he said with a sweet smile.

“Okay, what’s your number?” I asked, my fingers hovering over the numbers on the screen waiting.

“Eight, six, seven, five, three oh nine,” he called out. I started putting the numbers in then stopped. Why did that sequence of numbers sound so familiar? Wasn’t it an old song?

“Is that really your number?” I asked as I looked back up at him.

Sam actually laughed out loud. Catching him off guard, he looked like such a happy and carefree guy, and even more adorable. There was something about his eyes that had seemed sad before now, even with the perfect smile he was usually flashing.

“Yes, that's really my number, why? You think I’d give you a fake one?” he asked still grinning as he pushed his long hair out of his eyes.

I was so captivated by the sight of him that I completely forgot what we were talking about again.
“Call it and make sure if you want,” he said when I didn't respond. “I just have horrible taste in music.”
If I called him then he'd have my number in his phone too, without me trying to force it on him like the desperate girl that I was. Not that he’d ever actually call me.

I smiled as I finished entering in the number then hit send.

“Boop boop boop,” what sounded like the Super Mario Brothers theme song blared out from his behind. Without taking his eyes from mine he grabbed his phone from his back pocket and answered it.

“Helllooo? Jenny’s busy right now, but I can give you a good time,” he said referencing the old song with an even deeper and sexier rumble to his normal masculine voice. Oh, and I bet he really could too, I thought blushing again.

I couldn't help but laugh as I ended the call, and if felt so good that I was sad that he was leaving.

“Okay, now I know it’s really your number,” I said as I put my phone back in my jean pocket and tried not to let him see how pathetic I was.

“I hope you’ll call me,” he said so sincerely that my eyes shot back up to his. His ever-present sexy boyish grin was gone, and instead he looked so serious and genuine that I thought I'd melt into a puddle.

“I mean, again. When I’m not standing in front of you,” he amended making my smile widen.

“Well, now you’ve got my number too,” I said as I pushed my hair behind my ear, and glanced back down at my shoes.

He just stood there without saying anything until I looked back up at him.

“Okay, I’ll call you. But just to warn you, I’m going to try and talk you into going on a date with me,” he said with a nervous but hopeful smile. 

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