Friday, August 4, 2017

Release Blitz: Giveaway + Review - MONDAYS WITH YOU by KJ Lewis


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Mondays with You - Release

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Mondays with You - about the book 


High-school teacher West Connors struggled to put the pieces of his heart back together after the sudden departure of his best friend, Blake Thomas, from his life ten years ago. While loves have come and gone, West has never quite filled the hole in his heart Blake left behind.

Blake Thomas gets things done. As a handler for one of the top political fixers in the business, he focuses on work, friends, and one-night stands. He's fooled himself into thinking he's conquered the demons of his past until he runs into the best friend he was forced to leave behind when he was sixteen.

When their jobs force them into a fake relationship, Blake learns something about his childhood best friend and eventually about himself.

As they try to repair their damaged friendship, they find that moving forward can sometimes lead you back home.

~ Review ~

5 Stars

This is book two in a series but can be read as a standalone. I haven't read the first one but it was easy to follow. This is also my first KJ Lewis book. *Gasp* I know! Where the hell have I been?! How have I not heard of this author sooner?! I am absolutely in LOVE with this book!!! OMG!  I was intrigued just from the blurb and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. The moment this baby hit my kindle, it was on! KJ Lewis had me so fucking consumed from the very beginning. 

This had such a great storyline and a great set of characters. KJ Lewis delivers a story that is full of passion, chemistry and true love between two people who have always meant so much to each other. Blake and West are the definition of that bone deep, soul mate, meant to be love. It's absolutely beautiful and KJ Lewis does a phenomenal job portraying those emotions because they rolled right off the pages. I felt that bone deep need. That aching desire and want that Blake and West felt for each other. 

".....You take the darkness away and give me hope for something I never knew I had the right to hope for.............." ~ Blake

*le sigh*

I love when authors are able to capture those emotions and give us readers something to feel and go through the motions along with the characters. And KJ Lewis delivers flawlessly. And yes, let's get to the really really really goooood stuff.........this book was HOTT ass fuck! Hot damn KJ! Not one but TWO Alpha males burning up the sheets!! Those sex scenes............

“The only one doing the fucking tonight,” I say ominously, “is me. On your knees Connors.” ~ Blake 

 *fans self* 

Need I say more?! A beautifully written, sexy as hell read that left me wanting so much more. A definite must read and I can't wait to see what else this author has in store. 

**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

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Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Gay Couple Love Home Concept

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Mondays with You - about the author

KJ is a novelist, hot tamale-addict, and an abolisher of grammar. When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City, or hanging out in her hometown of Memphis, TN. She started hitting Amazon's top 100 lists with her first novel, Taylor Made, in 2016. She is currently working on the next installment in the Sunday Love Series.

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